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Arrangement 44
Recital Anja Harteros, the 13.
R. Strauss
With the disturbing story of the lust-murdering "Salome," Richard Strauss (1864-1949) achieved his breakthrough as an opera composer in 1905. Based on Oscar Wilde’s play of the same name, Strauss created a one-act musical drama full of avant-garde features with partially suspended tonality, leitmotif technique and an orchestra of over 100 musicians.
It is about the beautiful princess Salome, who lives in the palace of her perfidious stepfather Herod. Herod would like to see the young Salome take her place at his side instead of his wife and Salome’s mother, Herodias. Salome, however, evades him and becomes aware of the prophet Jochanaan, who is imprisoned in the court dungeon. In order to be able to speak with him, Salome unceremoniously seduces the captain on guard. But Jochanaan does not return Salome’s fascination. On the contrary, he repudiates her, preferring his dungeon to her presence while proclaiming further prophecies that alarm Herod. To distract her, Herod demands that Salome perform an erotic veil dance. Only when Herod promises Salome everything she desires does she agree. When Salome demands Jochanaan’s head on a silver platter after the dance, Herod is dismayed, but he sees himself bound by his promise. Deeply horrified when Salome thereupon lustfully commits suicide on Jochanaan’s corpse, he orders his soldiers in disgust to kill Salome.
Salome, R. Strauss, the 14.
Mikko Franck - Krzysztof Warlikowski
Camilla Nylund, Waltraud Meier, Gerhard Siegel, Wolfgang Koch
Semele, G. F. Händel, the 15.
Stefano Montanari - Claus Guth
Brenda Rae, Delphine Galou, Emily D’Angelo, Jakub Józef Orliński, Michael Spyres, Philippe Sly

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Munich, Bayerischer HofMunich, Bayerischer Hof
Bayerischer Hof *****
The privately run luxury hotel Bayerischer Hof *****, which has been run by the Volkhardt family for generations, has always been home to guests of the highest standard since its opening in 1841, from kings to Hollywood greats and pop stars. The ambience is correspondingly stylish, corresponding to the varied and individual design of the rooms. The centrally located on the Promenade Square house has always been characterized by excellent service. The spa area “Blue Spa” extends over three floors and offers u. a. a rooftop pool with beautiful views over the Bavarian metropolis. Five restaurants do not leave any culinary wishes unfulfilled. The opera is only a five-minute walk away.
Munich, Vier Jahreszeiten KempinskiMunich, Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski
Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski *****
The Vier Jahreszeiten hotel ***** is, since 1858, an establishment of long tradition. It is located in the city centre on the Maximilianstrasse and only two minutes away on foot from the Opera. Offering 303 rooms and 62 luxurious suites, there are also numerous facilities to take advantage of. Its restaurant, Schwarzreiter, enjoys an excellent reputation and it is particularly appreciated after an evening at the Opera.
Munich, Platzl HotelMunich, Platzl Hotel
Platzl Hotel ****
The Platzl hotel **** welcomes you in a charming atmosphere in the heart of Munich, only a few minutes away from the Opera. Its 167 rooms are comfortably equipped and tastefully decorated. The hotel also offers a restaurant of typical Munich ambience in a vaulted room as well as a health spa with sauna and Turkish bath.

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Bayerischer Hof
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Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski
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130-240,- Euro
Platzl Hotel
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90-200,- Euro

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