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The Bayreuth Festival - the name continues to stand for itself, despite all the headlines that the festival has made in recent years, some of them unintentionally. Richard Wagner’s Festspielhaus was built between 1872 and 1875 and is only used from July 25 to August 28 each year. Following the ancient model of an amphitheatre, the rows of seats rise evenly and thus provide an ideal view in addition to the outstanding acoustics due to the wooden construction of the auditorium and the orchestra pit, which is up to 12 meters deep.

Bayreuth Baroque
Founded in the most difficult artistic times, the Bayreuth Baroque Festival has since made a name for itself with the aim of bringing unjustly forgotten operas and works back to the stage. It celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2024 and will once again devote itself entirely to the courtly magic of the Baroque in September!
In the magnificent Margravial Opera House, you can experience 18th century music history up close. Opened in 1748 and added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012, Bayreuth’s Wilhelmine Theater is literally awakened from its museum slumber by the festival and brings its era back to life musically and sensually.
Enjoy once again the great baroque voices of our time: the wonderful Anna Prohaska, the countertenor and artistic director Max Emanuel Cencic, Jakub Józef Orliński and many more.
This year’s new productions include Vivaldi’s opera seria "Orlando furioso" and Porpora’s "Ifigenia in Aulide" - two more fast-paced "delicacies" of the Baroque era.